Legend In My Sparetime Episode 123; “Was That Tame?”

Leesy has allowed Just Jon back into the Matt-Cave once again for a brand new episode of your favourite podcaster's favourite podcast...


  • The boys are excited by vintage video games when a classic console find its way into the Matt-Cave. 
  • They are quickly reminded that they're both rubbish at video games.
  • They confirm details of the SuperPod 2017 which they've been asked to participate in.
  • Just Jon throws a little strop about crappy magicians.
  • They try to talk TV but find themselves unmotivated by the current offerings.

All this and much more!






The Soton SuperPod 2017 is a 36-hour live podcast in aid of Comic Relief coming March 25th/26th and including a heap of podcasters. Join in on Twitter with #SuperPod2017 and join #LiMST on Sunday, March 26th from 11:00 - 12:45pm UK time. Help us help a great cause!