Legend In My Spare Time

Musician and grumpy old man MattLees and his best buddy Just Jonny chat their weekly adventures. Side tracked with comics, movies and pop culture.

April 25th, 2020    

A Buffet Boy Cameo

Leesy is joined by Vic aka Kodak Brown from The Buffet Boys Podcast! They catch up and chat about the lock down before moving on to a game Vic came to challenge Leesy with. How did he do? You know how to find out!


April 14th, 2020    

Return Of The Rev (Once Again)

Lees is joined by the returning Rev Jeff Davies. While Just Jon is a true hero on the front lines of the pandemic in the U.K. Davies and Lees are happy to reminisce about the good old days.




March 31st, 2020    

“Blessed Are Those That Listen”

It's a legit special episode as making his first appearance in a decade it's the one and only Rev Damn Davies! A fan favourite O.G Co-host of LiMST!

Hear the duo catch up and chat old times during their years in the Ontario, Canada music scene many moons ago. Hear how they met, started playing music and more imporantly started podcasting together.




March 23rd, 2020    

“Live from SuperPod 2020″

After the boys recent trip to Southampton for the LiMST live experience at SuperPod 2020, event organizer (but not the man in charge of the live feed) and good friend Al (The Ministry Of Swooping Podcast) was kind enough to make the audio available to us so we can share it with our listeners! 

Find out why ya' boys were the only ones to have their live stream cut due to complaints! That's right! Hear the audio THEY didn't want you to hear! The show THEY tried to stop! To be honest... we're really not sure why. If you hear something you think deserved a complaint or was "too far" (We're scared to think what our listeners might find 'too much') then let us know!  As the show was a fundraiser for Sports Relief we shared sports stories from Lees and Just Jonny will fully explain why neither one was naturally gifted in athletics.



March 11th, 2020    

Legend In My Spare Time Episode 176; “The Zac Attack Is Back, Jack!”

It's a nostalgia party all up in your face, neck and chest this week as Lees is joined by a LiMST O.G. Zac from Misinformation Podcast joins for his long awaited return. The first half of their chat is featured on Misinformation Podcast Ep 308, available wherever YOU get your podcasts but there's plenty of meat on this bone as Z has made Leesy angry... talkin' that rubbish. Get 'im, Leesy!




March 7th, 2020    

Legend In My Spare Time Episode 175; “Countdown To SuperPod 2.0″

Lees is joined by Jamie Irwin from the fantastic podcast "What's Your Favourite?". Fellow musician Jamie will also be in attendance at SuperPod 2020 in Southampton so they preview the show, talk Jamie's origins in music and podcasting plus Lees gives the guest a hard time about his taste in food... or lack thereof. 

Come and see us at SuperPod! March 7th and 8th from The Social in Southampton!






March 3rd, 2020    

Legend In My Spare Time Episode 174; “Countdown To SuperPod”

Leesy is joined by the one and only Al Galpin; (Host of the fantastic podcast "The Ministry Of Swooping" which is fake news fact check comedy podcast) and the man behind SuperPod. 
Just Jonny and Leesy joined in on the first SuperPod back in 2017, and they'll be back live in Southampton on March 7th. 





February 14th, 2020    

Legend In My Spare Time Episode 173; “Rise Of The Legend Walker”

While J.J has the "home from Vaca" blues he tags in with Leesy for a fantastical, magical episode! 




January 12th, 2020    

Legend In My Spare Time Episode 172; When J.J Came To The Land Of Dragons

After many years of digital friendship two podcast brothers find themselves in the same physical place for only the second time in history. This is the story of when J.J Hawkins (Mars Needs Podcasts) came to South Wales to visit ya' boy. 




January 4th, 2020    

The 10th Anniversary Special

Later than promised, but that’s on par for this podcast. Celebrating 10 years of #LiMST with a selection of clips from some favourite episodes, special messages from listeners and former hosts, plus an exclusive listen to a brand new Matt Lees Band track as a thank you to our loyal listeners.

We’re back soon with new episodes! 



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