“Live from SuperPod 2020″

After the boys recent trip to Southampton for the LiMST live experience at SuperPod 2020, event organizer (but not the man in charge of the live feed) and good friend Al (The Ministry Of Swooping Podcast) was kind enough to make the audio available to us so we can share it with our listeners! 

Find out why ya' boys were the only ones to have their live stream cut due to complaints! That's right! Hear the audio THEY didn't want you to hear! The show THEY tried to stop! To be honest... we're really not sure why. If you hear something you think deserved a complaint or was "too far" (We're scared to think what our listeners might find 'too much') then let us know!  As the show was a fundraiser for Sports Relief we shared sports stories from Lees and Just Jonny will fully explain why neither one was naturally gifted in athletics.