Legend In My Sparetime Episode 104; “Armageddon!”

Just Jon and the One and Only are joined by Luke "Sky" Walkley from Moviemarker.co.uk in a family reunion of sorts.

  • Find out if Lees did his homework from last week...
  • Also hear how Lees made a real arse out of himself at work.
  • Just Jon was so productive on his vacation that he got banned from Pokémon Go!
  • They share some listener interactions including a fantastic audio clip
  • You finally get... the bathtub story!!
  • 3Peat is back as well as another favourite game from the past...
  • Just Jon has another opportunity in film... this has to be heard to be believed!
  • A sneak attack appearance by Frodo Jones, despite Just Jon's attempt to stop it...
All this and much more in another edition of your favourite podcast!

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