Get Geeked with Ian McElhinney Live From Geekedfest

Lees had the chance to sit down with Ian McElhinney who we all love as "Ser Barristan The Bold" on Game Of Thrones. He shares his vast knowledge on the Game Of Thrones books, and talks in depth about the process of putting together a television show set in such a vast and rich universe and as well as what it's like to "quit like a boss" he also takes questions from our live audience. 

For the complete Geekedfest experience be sure to check out Gallifrey Stands Podcast episode 69 with Doctor Squee where you can listen to the Q&A with John Levene and our panel with Simon Fisher-Becker, Sarah Louise Madison, and Matthew Dale all stars from Doctor Who. Also check out our follow up Get Geeked episode featuring our panel with John Challis from Only Fools And Horses, John Altman from Eastenders and the lovely Virginia Hey from Farscape as they took questions from our live audience. 

Special thanks to Iain Shaw for recording all our live sessions at Geekedfest. 

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