Episode TwentyThree: “Us and the Universe” or “Who the f#$k is Jeremy Birkowitz?”

After a technical repair.... We're back!
This week for the last time in the original MattCave the boys are happy to welcome two special guests; First the Herpes specialist himself A.K, and the extended erotica specialist Tim VanBoss. Conversations about creeping Facebook to spy on a certain local lady lead to the realization that Bullet Belt has blocked any contact with VanBoss. AK has become tired of Lees accusing him of having various STD’s, so he may have visited a local clinic to get an “all clear” report. They pay tribute to a few fallen stars, talk about “Last Night On Earth” the greatest Zombie survival game ever, They’ve gotten some nominations for “Asshole Of The Year”, Reverend Davies has received mail from some people in need, and Lees gets a message from our good friend Zac from Misinformation Podcast regarding Matt’s recent U.S visit.. This leads the rest of the boys to lecture Matt about his treatment of the Universe.

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