Legend In My Spare Time

Musician and grumpy old man MattLees and his best buddy Just Jonny chat their weekly adventures. Side tracked with comics, movies and pop culture.

August 25th, 2016    

Legend In My Sparetime Episode 104; “Armageddon!”

Just Jon and the One and Only are joined by Luke "Sky" Walkley from Moviemarker.co.uk in a family reunion of sorts.

  • Find out if Lees did his homework from last week...
  • Also hear how Lees made a real arse out of himself at work.
  • Just Jon was so productive on his vacation that he got banned from Pokémon Go!
  • They share some listener interactions including a fantastic audio clip
  • You finally get... the bathtub story!!
  • 3Peat is back as well as another favourite game from the past...
  • Just Jon has another opportunity in film... this has to be heard to be believed!
  • A sneak attack appearance by Frodo Jones, despite Just Jon's attempt to stop it...
All this and much more in another edition of your favourite podcast!

Brought to you by Moviemarker.co.uk

August 18th, 2016    

Legend In My Sparetime Episode 103; “Audio Erotic Assimilation”

Just Jon and Mr. Lees are back, back again!

  • Hear how Just Jon was nearly a movie star but not really at all.
  • Lees remembers a few tales from when he was a film extra.
  • Find out how Matt and his wonderful wife Rachel met The Doctor!
  • Hear another promise Just Jon has broken to you, the loyal listeners.
  • They try to discuss the Rouge One trailer.
  • They invade Facebook live for a game of "3Peat".
  • A shocking admission from Matt causes at least one listener to lose hope.

All this and so much more on another edition of your favourite podcast!

Brought to you by moviemarker.co.uk

August 16th, 2016    

Get Geeked with Colin R. Parsons

Lees sat down in studio with Colin R. Parsons, author of fantasy fiction for children and young adults. His books include the Wizards' Kingdom series and The Curious World books.

They discussed his writing, inspirations and motivations. Colin shares advice for aspiring writers, and talks about the upcoming Rhondda book fair! All this and so much more!
Brought to you by Geekedfest!

The Rhondda Book Fair 2016
Saturday, September 3rd
SOAR Chapel Community Centre 'The Bike Club' CF40 1JZ.

August 12th, 2016    

The Get Geeked Fantasy Panel - Geekedfest 2016

Lees sat down at Geekedfest 2016 with Kain Francis, Dilu Mlah and Gregg Lowe for a chat about fantasy films!

Kain and Dilu both featured in Star Wars The Force Awakens and have great stories about working on set in an amazing costume on the biggest movie ever! Hear the inspirational talks they got from Mr. J.J. Abrams too!

Gregg Lowe starred as Ink in X-Men Days Of Future Past. He's appeared in lots of TV series as well including a favourite of Lees', Warehouse 13. Hear how his Twitter account let him learn that "they" (the studio) are always watching!

Brought to you by Geekedfest!
Watch for Geekedfest 3! August 2017!

August 11th, 2016    

LiMST 102; “Allegedly”

Lees and Just Jon are back with another exciting week of podcast action! Learn about Just Jon's new found internet fame, another strong pet peeve of Lees' is revealed, the boys read some listener mail, tell an alleged tail about someone allegedly tea bagging a mobile phone. Allegedly. They also podcast bomb long time listener and loyal friend Uncle Joey from Iowa! All this and much more in your favourite podcast!

Also free on iTunes, Stitcher and anywhere fine podcasts are available!

Brought to you by Moviemarker.co.uk

August 4th, 2016    

LiMST 101; “The Origin Story”

Lees sits down with his super manly BFF for an introduction to the latest Legend Co-Host. Hear how they met before they talk about getting in trouble multiple times at various jobs and what can only be described as an attempted murder. Learn how Jon earned a less than nice nickname at work, and also how Matt did the same. There's some Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad chat and much more!


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