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Musician and grumpy old man MattLees and his best buddy Just Jonny chat their weekly adventures. Side tracked with comics, movies and pop culture.

June 29th, 2010    

Episode TwentySix; “(We Think) We’re Kind Of A Big Deal”

This week Matt has resolved his CPU troubles in time to record an episode full of energy, hope and love. The Reverend and Mr. Lees spend time discussing how they were recently in the company of minor celebrities who reminded them that they're a big deal. They pause a few moments to prove their point before turning to VanBoss and ripping him for being late to the boys first podcast related event. Hear about how Matt almost started a fight with a Buffalo Sabre and Reverend put his foot in his mouth in front of an executive.  Also find out who is the newest devotee to the show!

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June 16th, 2010    

Episode TwentyFive: “The Bitch Is Back”

This week is full of surprises including one that even Lees wasn't aware of. The show starts as VanBoss, Davies and Lees argue about the World Cup leading Davies to "phone a friend" for additional back up against Lees. The Reverend in training isn't impressed with the caller so he hangs up. This doesn't please the mystery person on the other end and they chose to confront Lees immediately. The door to the MattCave 2.0 is literally kicked open by a returning heel Dave "Rage" Kaye. The rest of the episode is a mass of hate, man love, anger, beer, bullet belts, sex moves and listener mail.

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June 10th, 2010    

Episode TwentyFour: Part Two: “The Reverend Gets Offended or F$#k You, Ben”

In part two of our special episode the love continues between Sir Oliver and The Rev. There are more arguments about football (the real football) before Lees once again turns the conversation to professional wrestling before turning to a discussion on the finest in English cuisine. VanBoss continues to be a super nerd and Damn Davies seems to get his feelings hurt, although he denies it. Sir Oliver promises to spread the word through his own podcast warning people about A.K and his "souvenirs" and the legend that is Bullet Belt. They even make fun of Ben some more. Sorry Ben, we love you.



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June 9th, 2010    

Episode TwentyFour: Part One: “ManBoobs and the Gay Lumberjack or F%#k you, Ben”

This week in a two part special it's the debut of the MattCave 2.0. The Rev and Mr. Lees welcome back VanBoss and Lees launches a preempted attack on the Dutchman leading up to the World Cup. They read listener mail and play a quick round of every one's favorite game before welcoming a special guest to the show, it's Sir Ollie of London and he hits it off with Damn Davies immediately.  They argue about what a real sport is and debate if Ollie is wearing pants. Sir Ollie becomes an honorary Reverend and assists Damn Davies with some listener mail from lost souls looking for a holy word.

Check your download source for part 2!

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June 2nd, 2010    

Episode TwentyThree: “Us and the Universe” or “Who the f#$k is Jeremy Birkowitz?”

After a technical repair.... We're back!
This week for the last time in the original MattCave the boys are happy to welcome two special guests; First the Herpes specialist himself A.K, and the extended erotica specialist Tim VanBoss. Conversations about creeping Facebook to spy on a certain local lady lead to the realization that Bullet Belt has blocked any contact with VanBoss. AK has become tired of Lees accusing him of having various STD’s, so he may have visited a local clinic to get an “all clear” report. They pay tribute to a few fallen stars, talk about “Last Night On Earth” the greatest Zombie survival game ever, They’ve gotten some nominations for “Asshole Of The Year”, Reverend Davies has received mail from some people in need, and Lees gets a message from our good friend Zac from Misinformation Podcast regarding Matt’s recent U.S visit.. This leads the rest of the boys to lecture Matt about his treatment of the Universe.

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