Legend In My Spare Time Episode 164; “Dinner And A Conspiracy”

Mr Lees and Just Jon are back in full force with a brand new episode for your holiday weekend!

  • They drop a spoiler free review for Shazam! which leads to us wanting you to play along!
  • If you could "Big" yourself and "Shazam!" yourself, who would you pick?
  • Lees did man work, and potentially became a "real man"
  • Lees had some rare toy hunting good luck!
  • There's something fishy going on in the #IHOPNetwork but Lees and JJ are on the case!
  • We introduce a brand new segment; "Just Jon's Conspiracy Corner" 

All this and much more in a brand new episode of #LiMST! Tell your friends, share, rate, review, do it! 

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