Legend In My Spare Time

Musician and grumpy old man MattLees and his best buddy Just Jonny chat their weekly adventures. Side tracked with comics, movies and pop culture.

October 31st, 2018    

Legend In My Spare Time Episode 158; “A Merry LiMST-O-Ween”

It's the Legend In My Spare Time Halloween Spook-tacular 2018!

  • Real life Vampires, you say?
  • Tony's Grandad Joke is back from the dead!

Horror author Jake Ridge wrote us a completely original story for this year's episode. Lees created sounds and music to turn it into a full on audio drama.


#LiMST is proud to introduce;

"It Came With The Storm"

By Jake Ridge


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October 7th, 2018    

Legend In My Spare Time Episode 157; “Dude, Where’s My Bin?”

Lees and Just Jonny return!

  • The boys are STILL undefeated in #BoringPodcastWars but what really started it with Dinner And A Podcast?
  • The List Of Lees is back; and it's a banger!
  • Just Jon has an entry for "Am I An Asshole?"

All this and much more in a brand new edition of your favouite podcasters favourite podcast! #LiMST




This episode is brought to you by Krisanda Games; "The Earth Is Ours!" a fast-paced hilarious multiplayer card game!

The kickstarter is live right now!



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