Legend In My Spare Time

Musician and grumpy old man MattLees and his best buddy Just Jonny chat their weekly adventures. Side tracked with comics, movies and pop culture.

December 24th, 2017    

A Christmas Greeting from The Sparetime Legends

A short but sweet Christmas message from y' boys at your favourite podcasters favourite podcast!

Merrry Christmas to all our loyal listeners, thank you for all the support and here's to 2018!



December 14th, 2017    

Episode 146; “Don’t Be Scurred, It’s Just A Podcast”

Your boys are back with 2 special guest hosts.... Oh wait, never mind. They chickened out. Fear not, your boys didn't let you down!

  • Tony's Dad Joke
  • Did Lees mess up socially, again? Or is he innocent... this time?
  • A spoiler free chat on Punisher and The Last Jedi
  • Big Head dared the boys to call him live on the show... so they did.

All this and much more in another edition of your favourite podcasters favourite podcast!





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