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Musician and grumpy old man MattLees and his best buddy Just Jonny chat their weekly adventures. Side tracked with comics, movies and pop culture.

August 31st, 2017    

Legend In My Sparetime Episode 137; “Cool Run Ins”

Lees and Just Jon are back, back again.


  • They send love to the great State of Texas, and the not so great state of humans.
  • They play everyone's favourite game.. "Am I An Asshole?"
  • What left Lees feeling ashamed of himself?
  • Would'a, Could'a, Should'a is back!
  • The boys are called out for some questionable actions from some Welsh folks


All this and much more in a brand new edition of your favourite podcaster's favourite podcast!




August 18th, 2017    

Rhondda Book Fair preview w. Colin R Parsons

Matt was joined by children's and young adult fiction author Colin R. Parsons to discuss the upcoming Rhondda Book Fair 2017!

A word from Colin;

"I'm Colin R Parsons - children's and Young Adult fiction author. I would like to invite you (the reading public) to The 3rd Rhondda Book Fair. This will be another fantastic literature event where all you book lovers can enjoy the wonderful world of words.

There will be plenty to see and do. You can also buy signed copies of books from the twenty-five authors attending. I'm adding graphic novel's this year with Sin City Comics. 

As usual, there will be Author Panel's, where you can sit and listen, or ask questions yourself - to the authors attending. I'll have a live Facebook feed, so those who can't attend can observe and send in questions.

Entry for the public is FREE!!! The event starts at 10.30am and finishes at 3pm on Saturday September 2nd 2017.
The venue is the SOAR Chapel Community Centre in Penygraig Rhondda South Wales UK. There's a lovely theatre inside and plenty of room to look around. There is also car parking, in and around the local area. Refreshments will be available: tea, coffee and cake.

The amazing lineup of authors write in many different genres; including...Science Fiction-Fantasy-Dark Fantasy-Steampunk-Historical-Wartime-Children's-Young Adult-Teen-Crime Fiction-Horror-Mythical Fantasy-Westerns-Younger Children's-Romance-Chick Lit...

Authors attending this year are:

Mark Dorey : Wendy White : Sharon Tregenza : Colin R Parsons : Paul Manship : Julian Roderick : Will Macmillan Jones : Daniel Parsons : Anthony Lavisher : Michael Ross : Sally Spedding : Cheryl Rees-Price : Thorne Moore : Judith Barrow : Chloe Hammond : Graham Watkins : Phil Carradice : C L Raven : Thea Hartley : Dave Lewis : Sin City Comics : Richard Davies (Parthian Books) : Mark D Prichard : Greg Howes : Mike Thomas : Kate Murray : Sion Tomos Owen"





August 17th, 2017    

The Dragonball Z Panel w. Sean Schemmel from Geekedfest 2017

"Legend In My Sparetime" teamed up with the boys from the "Let's Chat Geek" Podcast to host Sean Schemmel in two fantastic Q&A's live from Geekedfest 2017!

Sean is known for his work as Goku on Dragon Ball Z (1996), Dragon Ball Z (1989) and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003). To name a few...


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August 8th, 2017    

The Overwatch Panel from Geekedfest 2017

Hosted by "Legend In My Sparetime" Podcast & "Let's Chat Geek" Podcast (Both available wherever you get your podcasts) it's the Overwatch Panel from Geekedfest 2017. Recorded over two days with Cara Theobold (Tracer) and Chloe Hollings (Widowmaker) the voices behind this highly popular video game. Our hosts MattLees, Christopher Alfonso and Producer Gav took questions from the live audience in Newport, South Wales. 

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August 3rd, 2017    

Legend In My Sparetime Episode 136 “Not Today, Isis”

Mr. Lees and Mr. Just are back with a brand new edition!

  • Is Lees surviving watching "Supernatural"?
  • Some strange things seen and heard at their workplace
  • "Am I An Asshole?" is back, and it has a new theme song!
  • A loyal listener named our newest game
  • Just Jon makes Lees laugh. A lot!

All this and much more!





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