Legend In My Spare Time

Musician and grumpy old man MattLees and his best buddy Just Jonny chat their weekly adventures. Side tracked with comics, movies and pop culture.

December 24th, 2016    

The Mars Needs A Legendary Christmas Spectacular, Spectacular Part One

Merry Christmas to one and all! Leesy and Just Jon joined forces with J.J Hawkins from Mars Needs Podcasts and their super special surprise guest Aaron Fever to make it a Festive Fatal Four-Way!

  • The boys share their favourite christmas memories.
  • One of the group is exposed as a real Scrooge McF#%k.
  • Christmas songs! Oh, the Christmas songs!
  • Greetings from various listeners across the world!

All this and so much more in part 1 of the most wonderful Christmas Spectacular ever!

Don't miss out on part two... head over to Mars Needs Podcasts, now!


Merry Christmas to all our friends and loyal listeners! Thank you for listening!


December 8th, 2016    

Legend In My Sparetime Episode 119; “Loli-Cock”

It's another brand new edition of your favourite podcaster's favourite podcast!


  • The boys have a new game where the find out their buddies are listening... by telling embarassing stories about them.
  • J.J Hawkins of Mars Needs Podcasts drops in for a video greeting.
  • Am I An Asshole? Is back!
  • Lees tells his "football" story...
  • Find out what weird and wonderful things Just Jon read about online this week...

All this and much more!


Brought to you by Moviemarker.co.uk!



December 1st, 2016    

Legend In My Sparetime Episode 118; “Kung Fu Noodle”

Mr. Lees and (Just) Jon are in fine form this week for another brand new edition!


  • Lees tried to discuss a movie he went to see but Jon isn't having any of it
  • Uncle Joey sent in a video for the boys and for once he's got beef with Lees
  • Lees talks about another hospital experience and it didn't go how you think it did
  • Monopoly is brought up and both guys are immediately angry
  • They try to build up some excitement for the Christmas special
  • Jon totally almost forgot the shout outs!


All this and much more!



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