Legend In My Spare Time

Musician and grumpy old man MattLees and his best buddy Just Jonny chat their weekly adventures. Side tracked with comics, movies and pop culture.

June 28th, 2011    

EpisodeFiftyEight; “The Mediocre McRib Taste Test”

This week Mr. Lees is joined by returning special guest "Penthouse" Lenny Lilac. Jeff Black brought more than Eddie Osbourne along this week, he brought McRib's! Not always available in Canada this rare opportunity obviously leads to a taste test that Tara refused to be excluded from. Listener mail follows, the usual hate between the hosts, offensive language and racist jokes.

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June 19th, 2011    

EpisodeFiftySeven; “The Ghost Of Jeff Black’s Mother”

This week it's Rev Lees with Jeff Black and "Impact" Eddie Osbourne. An attempt to locate "Penthouse" fails, Jeff Black tells a ghost story, Eddie went on tour and got stuck in a canoe, they talk Titanic 2, Star Trek, The Outer Limits, The Pacific, and so. Much. More!

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June 14th, 2011    

EpisodeFiftySix; “Great Big Lees Vs Great Big Murray”

This week Reverend Lees is honored to be joined by Murray Foster, Bass player from folk legends "Great Big Sea" to promote an upcoming charity Football match in Toronto, Canada. Last year Murray was named the "LiMST Man Of The Match" and promised a more fit, more aggressive performance for this years game. They get sidetracked and talk movies, music and nerding in what turns out to be a very polite offering of your favorite podcast!

Help Murray raise funds for a great cause!


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June 8th, 2011    

EpisodeFiftyFive; “No Spoilers, Asshole”

This week it's "Penthouse" Lenny Lilac, Jeff Black and Uncle Ron in the house for a consistently clusterfucky episode. Lees tried to review The Hangover 2, Jeff Black debuts his notebook, Lenny promises to kill Dave Kaye and an exclusive track from The MattLees Band! Among other things.

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June 1st, 2011    

The LiMST Tribue To Macho Man Randy Savage

Rev Lees is joined in the studio by "Penthouse"Lenny Lilac and professional wrestlers Jeff Black and "the Sport" Jessy Jones to discuss and pay tribute to the life and career of wrestling legend "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

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