Legend In My Spare Time

Musician and grumpy old man MattLees and his best buddy Just Jonny chat their weekly adventures. Side tracked with comics, movies and pop culture.

May 20th, 2010    

Episode TwentyTwo: “A Nice Sunday Surprise”

This week in a take two for twenty two things start off on a positive light but the Reverend Davies ruins that quickly by starting an argument with Lees that is Star Trek related. The Internet is the only solution for the correct and final word. A.K shows up at random to try to hook himself up locally on "Plenty of Fish" this same folklore'd website that allowed Van Boss to meet Bullet Belt. That being said we can't really have A.K in the house without Bullet Belt coming up.. A.K also tries to defend himself against the "Legend" rumour that he has herpes and there's also an appearance from the final  member of the MattLees Band to grace the podcast before they head out for their evening gig.

There's also an exclusive track from the MattLees Band!

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May 6th, 2010    

Episode TwentyOne; “Shenanigans from Flanagans”

This week it's all hands on deck and no holds barred as the cast comes to you from a local pub with an open stage hosted by the Rev and A.K themselves, The Sally Chancer. There's a drunk birthday girl and the girl confessing the things she loves, Van Boss is in the house and we hear about how the Rev Davies almost went to jail. He's kind of a big deal around here. Lees drinks whiskey, A.K is itchy, Van Boss is bitchy and with all the drunks around, it's business as usual.. Except there are chicks. You'll also get to hear a few more pieces from the legendary MattLees Vs USA road trip!

available on iTunes legendinmypodcast@gmail.com legendinmypodcast.blogspot.com


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