Legend In My Spare Time

Musician and grumpy old man MattLees and his best buddy Just Jonny chat their weekly adventures. Side tracked with comics, movies and pop culture.

March 24th, 2010    

Episode Seventeen: “My dad sold Burton Cummings wall paper in the 60’s”

This Week the boys keep a promise by bringing in a local random from the music scene, problem is he called in sick. The Matt sign filled the sky and the call was answered. Our resident author of extended edition erotica and pure Dutchman Tim  Van Boss is in the house and that means that things naturally turn to Bullet Belt and black belts. They discuss a potential fundraising event featuring a fight between a big dumbo and a little Dutch guy.. Matt may get to play Vince McMahon on this one. They move on to complain about terrible customer service and a very uncomfortable moment for Matt before we hear about Old Man Davies and his run in with Burton Cummings in a 1960's Winnipeg. The sermon is back and the Reverend is just trying to help the ugly people. Then,  like true gentlemen and discuss disgusting sex moves.




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March 18th, 2010    

Episode Sixteen: “Vince and the Vaughns”

This week the boys are feeling their age in a relaxed, coffee driven episode. They talk about awkward visits to the doctors office and any conversation about rashes naturally leads to our missing hero A.K. The Rev decides he wants to enter the MMA fights taking place on a native reserve and Matt tries to talk him out of it as quickly as possible, preferring the softer pre-determined style of fighting. Matt is once again called out for his actions as "Knewrawtick", an official member of the Legend crew joins the episode briefly to put Matt in his place. We are introduced to the wonder that are "Aggies". As they wind up the boys are off for a pint at the local haunt with promises of meeting a random guest for next week....



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March 12th, 2010    

Episode Fifteen: “I Just Can’t Wait To Get My Pussy Back On Tuesday”

This week the legend in his own mind and the man of the cloth are back with a tribute to the greatest rapper of all time as Matt provides a brief music history lesson. They harass an employee who didn't show up for work and find out how Jay V Gravy shattered his collarbone before sharingstories of various pranks they've masterminded and playing every one's favorite game "Am I An Asshole?" Matt defends himself and his love for professional wrestling and the Revrend offers advice to anyone who's looking to get some revenge. Matt also shares the best. quote. ever.




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March 7th, 2010    

Episode Fourteen: “It Smells A Lot Less Like Herpies In Here”

This week the Rev and Mr. Lees start with a middle finger salute to their American Pod-Counterparts before moving onto an apology.. Then they apologize for the apology and promise to never apologize again. They open the mail bag where they think they're mocked by  a listener before playing everyone's favourite game "Am I An Asshole?". The independent music scene is brought up as the Rev shares tales from "Sally Chancer"s  wild weekend and we hear how Matt saw A.K's youknowwhat.

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