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January 18th, 2019    

Legend In My Spare Time Episode 161; “Rooster Lollipop”

Lees and Just Jonny are back with their 2019 debut episode!

  • Lees went to Disneyland Paris
  •  "Stream It, Steal It, Buy It, Ignore It" as JP reviews Spiderverse and Lees talks BumbleBee.
  • We want you to "Bandersnatch" your favourite movies
  • Whiskey
  • Ghostbusters 3

All this and much more!




December 22nd, 2018    

LiMSTMas 2018 “You’re A Mean One, Mr Lees”

Just Jonny and Mr Lees wanted to say thank you to all of you loyal listeners and our pod-family. Thank you for 2018, and here's to 2019 and beyond!


MattLees feat. Just Jon - (You're A Mean One) Mr. Grinch





December 6th, 2018    

Bonus Episode! “The Legends Live from Squeefest!”

#LiMST alumni Doctor Squee (Galifrey Stands Podcast) hosted a live 24 hour podcast in aid of Dogs For Good UK and was kind enough to ask your boys to fill in one of his slots... heh.

**The recording of our episode is a straight rip from the live stream and is not up to our usual quality**

Just Jonny and Leesy went live for 2 solid hours with Squee himself and the legend that is Paul "Scrooge" McGee (@Whonews) for a "PG13" experience... allegedly.

  • Squee is immediately aggresive, and hostile
  • How would the boys handle £25,000 in stolen cash?
  • Lees, Just Jon and Paul get along like fine gentlemen
  • Part 2 of "Matt's Strange Package" 
  • Quack
  • The "Sparetime Olympics" are back! Time to crown a new champion!

All this and much more as 3 friends and an acquaintance chat for a great cause. The site is still active so you still have time to donate; http://justgiving.com/poddogs

@legendpodcast on Twitter

@sparetimelegend on Instagram

Legend In My Spare Time Podcast is a proud member of the @IHOPNetwork (International House Of Podcasts) and is produced by Matt Lees.

Original music by MattLees Music.




November 22nd, 2018    

Legend In My Spare Time Episode 160; “Macho Matt and his Strange Package”

Lees and Just Jon are back with a huge (yuge) episode!

  • They pay tribute to Stan Lee
  • Lees has another "vampire" story
  • Someone made the list!
  • Matt drops a review of "The Grinch"
  • The story of Matt's Strange Package part 1
  • Tony's Grandad Joke!

All this and much more in an action packed episode!


#LiMST #IHOPNetwork



November 8th, 2018    

Legend In My Spare Time Episode 159; “You’re Embarassing Me In Front Of The Buffet Boy!”

Lees and Just Jonny are back with the first episode of the IHOP Network era, and they have a special guest Vic aka Kodak Brown from the Buffet Boys podcast!

  • Vic fills us in on the Buffet Boys hiatus
  • Lees needs advice on some strange post he received
  • Jonny tries to convince Lees to join him rock climbing
  • Lees drops all the deets on the IHOP Network!
  • A listener sent in audio feedback for our LiMST-A-Ween special
  • Vic plays 3-Peat before challenging us with some Cali' Slang terms
  • Vic also prepared a 90's Music Trivia game... how did the boys do?

All this and much more!

We advise you to listen through the credits, too...



A Proud Member Of The IHOP Network

International House Of Podcasts


The Buffet Boys will return soon!

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October 31st, 2018    

Legend In My Spare Time Episode 158; “A Merry LiMST-O-Ween”

It's the Legend In My Spare Time Halloween Spook-tacular 2018!

  • Real life Vampires, you say?
  • Tony's Grandad Joke is back from the dead!

Horror author Jake Ridge wrote us a completely original story for this year's episode. Lees created sounds and music to turn it into a full on audio drama.


#LiMST is proud to introduce;

"It Came With The Storm"

By Jake Ridge


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October 7th, 2018    

Legend In My Spare Time Episode 157; “Dude, Where’s My Bin?”

Lees and Just Jonny return!

  • The boys are STILL undefeated in #BoringPodcastWars but what really started it with Dinner And A Podcast?
  • The List Of Lees is back; and it's a banger!
  • Just Jon has an entry for "Am I An Asshole?"

All this and much more in a brand new edition of your favouite podcasters favourite podcast! #LiMST




This episode is brought to you by Krisanda Games; "The Earth Is Ours!" a fast-paced hilarious multiplayer card game!

The kickstarter is live right now!



September 19th, 2018    

MattLees chats with Ben Blood of the Cardiff Devils

Matt got the chance to chat with Ben Blood, who plays defence for the Cardiff Devils in the EIHL. 

  • They discuss Ben’s history with hockey
  • His adjustment to leagues in Europe
  • Life in Cardiff Bay
  • What he misses most about home
  • Favourite Movies, Ninja Turtles and much more!




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September 19th, 2018    

Legend In My Spare Time Episode 156; “Winter Is Coming”

Lees and Just Jonny are back!

  • Lees announces a new project
  • The results from MattLees vs Cancer are in!
  • How did JP do as "sound guy"?
  • Lees played a gig in France!
  • They discuss a little podcast that has some kind of beef
  • What did LiMST do to start another pod war? 
  • They discuss the now controversial "Friends Trivia"

All this and much more!




August 23rd, 2018    

Legend In My Spare Time Episode 155; “We Were On A Break!”

Lees and Just Jon are back with a cluster of an episode!


  • Hear how Jon spent his summer vacation
  • Exclusive audio of a theft in progress!
  • "Grumpy Old Men" might as well be a segment
  • They play a trivia game
  • They obviously argue over the game
  • What did they do to Dinner And A Podcast?

All this and much more!


Friday August 31st is MattLees vs Cancer

Live from Pontypool, South Wales. 8pm.





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